Proprietary Membership

Membership at Oakdale Golf & Country Club

If you want a place that your entire family will enjoy, Oakdale Golf and Country Club is the club to join!

One of the following memberships could be the perfect fit for you and your family. 

Proprietary Membership

A Proprietary membership entitles the member to all rights, privileges and use of all facilities at the Club.

Entry prices vary since members set their own sales prices.  Monthly dues are $402 a month which includes operational and capital dues.  Monthly range fees of $30 are manadatory.

All memberships are family memberships with full privileges for:
  • a spouse
  • unmarried children under the age of 21
  • unmarried children under 25 years of age who are full time students
All applicants for a Proprietary Membership must: The number of Proprietary memberships is limited to 475.

Full Proprietary Membership Details


Lease a Membership

Maybe you're not absolutely sure you can come up with the initiation fee or maybe you're just not sure this is the right club for you. If so, we have an option for you!

For only $1,500 down you can lease a membership and then just pay the current monthly dues for a period of 12 months.

A leased membership has the same playing privileges as as a Proprietary Member, they just can't vote. The best thing is... at anytime during the 12 month period you may purchase a Proprietary membership and apply all $1,500 towards the sale price.

If you decide after the 12 month period that you do not want to join, the club keeps $1000 and you get back $500.

Contact Rick Schultz to Begin a Lease


Social Membership

Oakdale Golf and Country Club offers a social membership for those interested in the social benefits of belonging to a country club but are not interested in golf.
The number of Social Memberships is unlimited. Social Memberships are nonproprietary and nontransferable.  Social Members have full use of the clubhouse ONLY.

All applicants for a Social Membership must:

There is a non-refundable initiation fee of $250 for a Social Membership. Monthly dues are $47 per month.

There is a $150 per quarter minimum spending that must be charged by the member in the lounge or restaurant. The quarters are:
  • January 1 - March 31
  • April 1 - June 30
  • July - September 30
  • October 1 - December 31

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Contact Us For More Information

To find our more about memberships please contact Rick Schultz, General Manager/COO at or 209 847-2984 EXT 104.

Which membership type are you interested in?